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Middle Caicos Restaurants

Dining hours vary so be sure to check out each dining spot for hours of operation.  Villa and cottage renters find salads and some dishes to take home for evening dining when evening hours are not available.  


Sea View Café

Waterfront Café featuring Caribbean dishes, burgers, salads & seafood.  In Conch Bar Village approximately 1.75 miles from the resort.

Sea View Cafe2
Sea View Cafe5
Sea View Cafe6
Sea View Cafe4
Sea View Cafe3
Sea View Cafe

Grocery Stores

While supply shopping for extended stays is best done in Provo with the larger and well-supplied grocery stores such as the Graceway IGA or the Graceway Gourmet, you will find some small grocers on North Caicos along the way to Dragon Cay Resort.  These small shops have a limited variety of items compared to the large stores on Provo.  Replenishment is difficult so you may find one day they are well stocked with fresh dairy, meats, breads and fruits and the next they are taking orders for the next delivery from Provo.

It’s best to plan ahead and bring what you think you’ll need ahead of arrival.  We also recommend checking with the ferry service for any additional fees or bag limits for transport to the island.


Along the highway to Middle Caicos you will find these four local grocers:

  1. KJ’s Supermarket in Whitby near the Pelican Beach Hotel.

  2. Nique’s Market near the Deep Creek Water Supply and Miss B’s Gift Shop.

  3. Al’s Groceries is just a little further down the road and off the side road.

  4. Tee’s Grocery and My Dee’s Grocery are in Bottle Creek and DARDS Grocery, the largest of the stores is just down the road.  It’s the last store on the way to Dragon Cay. 


These stores are not obvious like the large grocery stores in Provo so it’s not uncommon to drive right by.  Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.  Also note that all items incur additional shipping costs to North and Middle Caicos so expect prices to be higher than usual.

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