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Tranquil, wild, stunning, adventurous and private - staying on Middle Caicos will make for a vacation unlike any other.

Dragon Cay Resort is located on the island of Middle Caicos in the Turks & Caicos Island, the largest and most remote of the islands. Middle Caicos is connected to North Caicos via a Causeway, and thus are often spoken about as one island. Staying on Middle Caicos can be the trip of a lifetime, an unparalleled adventure or a relaxing soul healing experience. We know you will love your stay here so long as you understand the experience you are embarking on, as Dragon Cay Resort is a one of a kind vacation.


Mudjin Harbor, and much of Middle & North Caicos, is highly preserved, and void of any major developments or modifications to the natural environment. When you come here, you will experience the Caribbean in its truest form. There are no major grocery stores, developments, or tourism companies on the island. You will often be alone at the beaches and sites, or accompanied by a minimal number of fellow guests. Many people describe the experience as much like a private island getaway, without the high costs.

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