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Some great companies operate on North & Middle Caicos, offering some alternative things to do near Dragon Cay Resort. 

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Three Mary Cay Sanctuary

Scenic area featuring limestone ironshore rocks found close off the north coast.

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Bambarra Beach

Beautiful beach with crystal clear, calm & shallow water. Great for families.

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Wild Cow Run

3 mile remote beach lined with Casuarina trees.

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Cottage Pond

A great spot for bird watching on North Caicos.

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Horsestable Beach

Beautiful secluded beach on North Caicos. 

Image by Roberto Nickson

Lorimers Village & Landing

An excellent kayak or paddleboard launching area.

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Wade Greens Plantation

The best-preserved historical plantation ruin in the Turks and Caicos.

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Flamingo Pond Overlook

Thousands of West Indian flamingos can be seen at times at the Flamingo Pond overlook.

Image by Artem Kniaz

Haulover Plantation

A remote and largely overgrown plantation ruin.

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