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You won’t find butler service or a sunset concierge on North Caicos or Middle Caicos. What you will find is powdery sand, blissful quiet and just enough off-beach activity to interest the any adventure traveler.

Middle Caicos is the largest island in the Turks and Caicos, with an area of 56 sq miles. As the name suggests, Middle Caicos is located in the center of the Caicos Islands archipelago. The island is connected by a causeway to the adjacent North Caicos, and the two islands largely function as one.

Middle Caicos is best known for secluded beaches, caves, and the majestic Mudjin Harbour coastline and beach. The island has three small settlements: Conch BarBambarra, and Lorimers. The main settlements on North Caicos are Bottle CreekWhitby and Kew


Here are some important notes:

  • Expect a very private and serene experience, with little to no nightlife.  There are no mega resorts, shops or development to distract you from the endless natural beauty.

  • If you would like to cook your own meals, you are best off picking up your groceries before reaching the island from one of the major outlets in Provo. There you will find a wide variety of traditional options, and will not be confined to the limited cuisine options available on Middle and North Caicos. For local shopping spots, see our Dining & Shopping page. 

  • Bring plenty of bug spray and sunscreen. Depending on the weather, mosquitoes on the island can be bad at times, and the sun is very hot. These things are not as convenient to attain once you reach the resort and will cost more than they do from home. 

  • Many of the experiences/activities are self-guided and very private, best suited for an adventurous spirit looking to get away from crowds and traditional touristy beach towns. 

  • Certain locations on Middle & North Caicos, such as Wild Cow Run Beach, can be difficult to find. Our on-site staff is here to help and provide specific directions. 

  • Due the Middle Caicos’ remote locale, getting here is part of the adventure! Be sure to check out “Getting Here” page before booking, and make all of your travel arrangements in advance. 

  • 2 bottles of water will be provided by Dragon Cay Resort at your arrival - additional filtered water can be purchased from the grocery store or from the Resort Manager. 

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