Indian Cave:


A short drive (or bike ride!) away from Dragon Cay Resort you will find another unique natural wonder - the Indian Cave.  Vines drape down from the abundant skylights, many native plants, papaya trees and the short-leaved fig tree grow where sunlight permits. When you step into the expansive cave, you can almost feel the ancient history lingering in the air. Archaeological digs in the caves have uncovered ancient pottery & various unique fossils.  Barn owls, bats, Cuban crows, yellow crowned night herons and anis can often be seen in the area, and giant blue land crabs are often found scurrying across the floor of the cave. 

Conch Bar Caves:


Conch Bar Caves on Middle Caicos is the largest non-submerged cave system in the Bahamas-Turks and Caicos island chain and is a Turks and Caicos national park. Conch Bar Caves has many of the common cave features found in caves in other regions, including stalactites, stalagmites and columns, along with pools that fluctuate with the ocean tide. Visitors to Conch Bar Caves must be accompanied by a guide. Visit Middle Caicos Co-op store in Conch Bar Village to schedule a tour.



Middle Caicos is ideal for biking given the very low level of traffic on the roads and many interesting areas accessible to explore on bikes.  Exploring the island on bikes is possible on the paved and gravel roads as well as on portions of the National trail which provide excellent views of the ocean and sandy beaches which are easily accessible. Fat Tires bikes, which are good for riding on the roads, trails and sandy beaches, are available for complimentary rental from Dragon Cay Resort.



Dragon Cay Resort sits immediately adjacent to one of the world’s most striking coastal hikes, Crossing Place Trail. The trail was the original route that allowed passage between villages of Middle to North Caicos. With the introduction of powerboats and roads, it was transformed into a  recreational wonder, managed by the TCI National Trust. Starting at Dragon Cay Resort, you can traverse over 2 miles of untouched secluded shoreline and beaches connected by rock and packed sand trails.  The trail guides you along some of the most unbelievable limestone cliffs, where secret beaches, blowholes, rolling green hills, and ocean caves can be discovered around every turn. Stunning views are a consistent sight along the trail, as turquoise water and turbulent surf meet the unspoiled natural shoreline. The trail offers a variety of level of difficulty from a simple 1 mile hike to some sections only recommended for very experienced hikers.

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