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Kayak Route
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Kayaking Route
Kayaking Route

Kayaking & Paddleboarding

Kayak through the extensive network of inland waterways on Kayaks and Paddleboards, meandering amongst mangrove trees and calm turquoise waters. Scan the seafloor for fish swimming by, conch shells, turtles, tiny jellyfish, starfish, and more.  


On a calm day, take the adventure up a notch by following the inland waterways to the ocean coral reefs, where the green water is met by crystal clear turquoise beaches.


Rentals are available directly from Dragon Cay: 


Paddleboards $20 per hour, $60 per day and $50 per day for 3 days or more. 

Kayaks - $35 per hour or $60 for up to 6 hours. 

Bottle Creek on North Caicos is another beautiful Kayak and Paddle-boarding destination, with unparalleled vibrant turquoise water and sandy sea floor. To paddle Bottle Creek, you will need to rent a Kayak or Paddle-board from some of the local businesses.


Ask the staff at Dragon Cay Resort for more detail as conditionals and local business offerings change regularly.

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